uedbet官网ISD's 阀杆 team provides equitable access 和 engagement in 阀杆 professional learning, 以及, making connections between classroom learning 和 career pathways. 我们提供广泛的服务和支持, including writing grants to help teachers get 阀杆 supplies; designing events to create authentic, career-based h和s-on 技能; providing access to try out 技术 before you buy; 和 much more.


uedbet官网ISD's 阀杆 team provides equitable access to high-quality 阀杆 education for all learners. We strive to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to develop their potential through engaging activities.


We underst和 the importance of making connections between classroom learning 和 career pathways. We provide services that help teachers build bridges between the two 和 create a more seamless transition for students seeking employment in the field of 阀杆.


Our services provide students with authentic h和s-on 技能 they can use when they enter the workforce. 我们提供各种各样的活动,比如机器人, 的电子竞技, 基于项目的学习, 3 d打印技术, 和 drone building that will give them a competitive edge in the job market.


我们提供全面的 阀杆服务和支持 来帮助释放阀杆在贵地区的潜力. Our team of experienced educators will work with you to develop a personalized plan to bring the best that 阀杆 has to offer into your classroom. Our turn-key lessons are developed by educators for use in the classroom 和 are designed to meet the needs of all learning levels.  We underst和 that each district has unique needs 和 goals, so our services are tailored to meet those individual needs.



uedbet官网理工学院, we offer the highest quality of professional learning in 阀杆, empowering educators to explore ways to infuse their teaching 和 learning with creativity. 我们的专业学习将帮助您积累知识, 技能, 在专业的人际网络中获得支持. You will gain insights on the latest trends in 阀杆 education 和 develop strategies for incorporating them into the classroom setting. Plus, you will have the chance to earn SCECHs for your efforts. 探索我们即将到来的 阀杆专业学习.


As advocates for 阀杆 education, our team underst和s the value of knowledge. 我们积极 参加各种组织 that specialize in 阀杆 education to keep up-to-date with the latest information, 研究, 和趋势. 通过成为这些组织的积极成员, we can provide valuable insights 和 resources that can positively impact your district. 


Our goal is to empower you with the tools 和 knowledge necessary to make a meaningful impact in 阀杆 education. We are committed to supporting you at every step of the way 和 ensuring that your voice is heard 和 valued.


CSEdWeek in Michigan: Bridging Gaps in Computer 科学 Education
基思·特朗普(Keith Tramper)撰写, Education Technology Consultant December is one of my favorite times of the year. 是时候...
How Immersive Storytelling Transforms Education, Reaches Reluctant Readers, 和 Enhances SEL
Written by: 杜中方, 茎顾问 for uedbet官网ISD As a child, I never got into the Dungeons & 龙的狂热. 事实上,和很多人一样...


计算机科学资源: This document provides a range of computer science 和 技术 resources for K-12 students 和 teachers, 包括专业协会, 免费的视频学习方法, 和 an interactive online learning platform with a wide variety of computer science 和 programming courses. It aims to empower 和 engage students 和 teachers in critical digital 技能, 包括数字素养, 编码, 网络安全, 虚拟机器人.

跨学科: 本文件以一系列材料为特色, 包括基于文献的阀杆学习方法, 准备教科学课程, 实践的挑战, 综合课程计划, 以及针对pre -12年级学生的基于探究的STEAM体验.

3P学习(项目、场所和基于问题的学习)This document provides 3P 学习ing (Project, Problem, Place) resources for grades PreK-12. 它涵盖了与企业和教育的伙伴关系, 阀杆教师赋权, 以及在校内外高质量的阀杆体验. The resource aims to transform the culture of 阀杆 和 provide PBL lesson examples, 研究, 以及为uedbet官网举办的研讨会.


"阀杆 is not a single subject, 和 it should not replace other subjects. 学生 need to learn the same concepts 和 技能 in science 和数学 as they did before, 和 how to solve problems through 工程 design challenges."

"阀杆 is also not a curriculum, but rather a way of organizing 和 delivering instruction. 它不是课程“汤”中的另一种“食材”,” but the recipe for helping learners apply their knowledge 和 技能, 与他们的同伴合作, 并理解他们所学内容的相关性. 这并不是不强调核心思想的教学, but rather gives students the ability to know how they can apply the content they are learning."

美国科学教学协会. 阀杆教育教与学. http://www.nsta.org/nstas-official-positions/stem-education-teaching-and-learning

NSTA是一个受到高度认可和尊重的协会. NSTA大力支持阀杆(科学), 技术, 工程, 和数学) education that provides students with an interdisciplinary approach to learning. This document includes 研究 和 citations from many trusted authors.

“随着一个国家经济的发展, 对熟练工人的需求增加了, 尤其是对智力技能的需求, 包括那些经常与科学有关的, 技术, 工程, 和数学."


  • contextualizes 阀杆 education by highlighting its challenges 和 drawing lessons from the Sputnik moment of the 1950s 和 1960s, it also contrasts contemporary 阀杆 with other education reforms 
  • examines appropriate roles for the federal government, states, districts, 和 individual schools
  • offers various ideas 和 recommendations to help you develop action plans for 阀杆

W. 可是,R. (2013). 阀杆教育案例:挑战与机遇. NSTApress. http://static.nsta.org/pdfs/samples/PB337Xweb.pdf

2021-2022 阀杆专业快速学习事实

149 uedbet官网 Attended 8 Virtual 和 In-Person 阀杆专业学习 Opportunities
33 Local Districts 和 PSA's in Kent County 和 uedbet官网 from 33 Additional Counties in Michigan Attended 阀杆专业学习.
742 SCECHs Earned by 121 uedbet官网 in 阀杆专业学习
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